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Federal Documents Access & Policies

Public Access Guidelines for Federal Documents in Tangible Formats

  1. Federal documents are included in the online catalog from 1976 forward. Pre–1976 publications are added to the online catalog as staff time permits.
  2. Indexing tools are available for pre–1976 publications.
  3. Bibliographic records for all formats, including electronic publications, are obtained for ASL's online catalog from Marcive.
  4. The Arkansas State Library’s holdings are added to bibliographic records in OCLC on a monthly basis.
  5. Federal publications circulate with the exception of reference materials and some items specific to Arkansas.
  6. Microfiche will be duplicated rather than circulated. Microfiche reader printers are available for patron use.
  7. Maps are located in the basement and are available for retrieval by library staff upon request. Indexing tools are available. A large format printer is available for printing maps.
  8. Reference and Interlibrary Loan Services are available by phone, fax, email or in person during hours of operation.

Public Access Guidelines for Federal Documents in Electronic Formats

  1. The Arkansas State Library provides free public access to Federal Depository Library information in electronic formats, including Internet resources.
  2. In order to provide access, ASL maintains hardware meeting the current Recommended Specifications for Public Access Computers and Minimum Technical Requirements (MTR) as issued by GPO.
  3. Access to Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) electronic information is provided at the same level as access to any other electronic information at the Arkansas State Library.
  4. The Arkansas State Library installs CD-ROM and other electronic FDLP information on demand if it is not already loaded on a public service workstation.
  5. The Arkansas State Library’s circulation policy for FDLP information in electronic formats is consistent with its policies for other electronic information acquired by the State Library.
  6. The Arkansas State Library provides Internet access to FDLP information at no cost to the general public.
  7. The Arkansas State Library provides the ability to download and print FDLP electronic information under the same terms and conditions as it offers for other types of information in its collections.
  8. The Arkansas State Library provides staff assistance to patrons using FDLP electronic information products at the same level as it offers for other information in its collections.
  9. Arkansas State Library provides links to prominent or useful websites to Government Information Resources.
  10. When Filtering software is used, the Arkansas State Library will allow FDL users the option to use a workstation without filtering software or turn off the filter while searching FDL information.

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